Week 13 CPR

Hi all, Week 13 results are in and, while the crowd was just better than 50% this week, there were some pretty interesting results to be had: Total Predictions: 5-8 (some people didn’t complete all of the predictions, which would be a good feature addition) ATS: 8-7 Straight-up: 11-4 Against the Total: 8-7 Next-Level Crowd…… Continue reading Week 13 CPR

Week 11 Crowd Performance Review (CPR)

Hi all, the first results are in, and you all have some prognosticating game! High-level summary: ATS: 8-6 Straight up: 10-4 Total: 11-3 Next Level Crowd Wisdom: The crowd predicted within a point the Baltimore-Dallas score of 27-17, the Bears-Giants score of 22-16, and the Seahawks score of 26-15, meaning the crowd nailed both the spread…… Continue reading Week 11 Crowd Performance Review (CPR)

Crowdsourcing Spread vs. Margin of Victory

This is a follow up to our post on how crowdsourcing scores can work. In that post, we talked about how who-picked-whom is a crude metric of crowdsourcing predictions, but it’s main gap is that it doesn’t provide margin of victory to determine a more accurate crowdsourced prediction. As a result, even if the majority thinks that…… Continue reading Crowdsourcing Spread vs. Margin of Victory

How Can Crowdsourcing Scores Work?

One of the earliest forms of pushback that we received regarding the idea of crowdsourcing game scores was simply that there would not be enough expertise available to predict accurately. “There are too many variables.” “No one will every have enough information.” “You’ll never get it right.” To be honest, when we heard such gut-reaction pushback, it…… Continue reading How Can Crowdsourcing Scores Work?