Week 13 CPR

Hi all, Week 13 results are in and, while the crowd was just better than 50% this week, there were some pretty interesting results to be had: Total Predictions: 5-8 (some people didn’t complete all of the predictions, which would be a good feature addition) ATS: 8-7 Straight-up: 11-4 Against the Total: 8-7 Next-Level Crowd…… Continue reading Week 13 CPR

Week 11 Crowd Performance Review (CPR)

Hi all, the first results are in, and you all have some prognosticating game! High-level summary: ATS: 8-6 Straight up: 10-4 Total: 11-3 Next Level Crowd Wisdom: The crowd predicted within a point the Baltimore-Dallas score of 27-17, the Bears-Giants score of 22-16, and the Seahawks score of 26-15, meaning the crowd nailed both the spread…… Continue reading Week 11 Crowd Performance Review (CPR)