2020 Season – Welcome Back! – Episode 0

Paul and Chris return from the break and talk about all the COVID effects they foresee. Who has a leg up and who will be a step behind? Also, we enjoy some Fremont Mischief Distillery Rye Whiskey.

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Show Notes

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a nice break since Game 267, and we hope you and yours are staying healthy. Please continue to wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a mask (even if you don’t think it helps slow the spread of Coronavirus, doing none of those DEFINITELY doesn’t slow the spread of the Coronavirus).

With that out of the way, here are the notes from our Welcome Back episode:

What is Stakehouse Sports about?

Stakehouse Sports is a new prediction game.

  • Instead of just predicting the winner straight up or against the spread, you predict the scores of each game.
  • By predicting the scores, you predict the winner, the spread side, and the over/under. So, you earn points for each prediction, plus you can earn bonus points for any exact predictions.
    • You can earn up to ten points for each prediction.

We’re also testing out whether the Wisdom of the Crowd can work for sports gambling.

  • Can the WotC can identify value at the sportsbooks?
  • We aggregate all of our users’ predictions to generate a crowd prediction, and we gauge that against the final score
  • Last Year’s Results:
    • Straight-up: 163 correct, 93 incorrect (63.6%)
      • 2018: 162-94 (63.2%)
    • ATS: 116 correct, 133 incorrect, 7 pushes (the final result matched the spread) (46.5%)
      • 2018: 135-111-10 (54.8%)
    • Total: 137 correct, 116 incorrect, 3 pushes (54.1%)
      • 2018: 134-117-5 (53.3%)
    • It was not a great year against the spread, but for the total, the crowd did pretty well.
    • We had about 10 regular predictors, and we’re hoping to bump that up because a single predictor can skew the average pretty significantly.

Whiskey of the Week

How will COVID effect the NFL Season?

  • Why any prediction we make will be wrong
    • Lack of crowds
      • Who benefits
        • Road teams early
        • Inexperienced O-lines
        • Veterans, established position groups, trusted coaches
      • Who doesn’t
        • Home-field advantage teams
          • KC, NO, DEN, SEA, PIT, LV
    • Lack of real-game experience
      • Who benefits
        • Experienced coaches and players
      • Who doesn’t
        • New coaches, new teammates – highly cohesive groups
          • Washington, NYG, Carolina, Browns, Cowboys
        • Rookie players
          • No mini camps and meet-ups
      • Impact players in the draft and free agency


  • We’ll be rolling out our contest information next week along with our AFC Season Win Totals Podcast.
  • We hope you’ll join us and tell us what we got wrong.

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