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Week 8 Best Bet Report

There were not too many games in which the crowd diverged significantly from the odds in Week 8.

The biggest deltas between the lines and the crowd predictions were:

  • Bears-Saints total: 40.2 predicted vs. 45.5
  • Bucs-Panthers total: 41.5 predicted vs. 46
  • Cowboys-Washington total: 51.5 predicted vs. 46
  • Colts-Bengals spread: Colts +4 predicted vs. Colts +11
  • Colts-Bengals total:40 predicted vs. 44


Week 8 Best Bets: 4-1

Previous weeks featured predictions that had a pretty significant delta between the crowd and the Vegas line. The biggest delta this week was between the crowd’s predicted margin of victory for the Bengals (4) and the Vegas line (11). There were only four other predictions that differed by more than 4 points.

Other Best Bets

Again, we’re not tooting our horns too much here, as we’re sure that there will be weeks in which these folks pick much better than our crowd. We just want to include these folks for perspective.

RP-Excel – 2-4

This gentleman is really sharp and provides his picks every week to the sportsbook subreddit. He’s been performing quite well through the season.

In Week 8, he was correct on the Eagles -12 and the Panthers-Bucs under 45 but missed his other 4 picks.

Vegas Insider – 2-3

It was a (slightly) better week at the Vegas Super Contest. The top 5 consensus picks went 2-3, getting Seattle -5.5, Saints -9, and Chargers +7 wrong while hitting on Carolina +2 and Atlanta +4.5.

Are there any other sites you follow for best bets? Add them in the comments or send them to us at Thanks!


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