The First Week Results

Thanks to some dedicated volunteers, we have seen our first set of results come through. While it would be nice to draw some conclusions, there were only 4 submissions, so we’re still likely in the realm of random chance.

Still, a couple of things:

  1. There was some very useful feedback that Paul and I are very grateful to have received.
  2. Overall, the crowd followed the favorites, generally selecting them to win and usually cover the spread.
    1. This past weekend, this didn’t work out so well.
    2. Correct picks against the spread:
      1. Tampa Bay
      2. Kansas City
      3. Dallas
      4. Seattle
      5. Cincinnati

Out of 13 games, getting 5 out of 13 is not far from a coin flip, so everyone, don’t feel too bad :). I’ll do a bit more digging to see if there were any outlier picks that may have skewed it one way or the other.

We’re hoping to get some more activity over the course of the season, so please ask your friends to help out if they can!

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